Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Well this is a different post to normal. But Ive been thinking....

I created my blog through coding to create my design unique and personal to me, using my favourite colours and fonts. I really like it, however I feel like I will constantly still be adding different features to you know, develop it further. 

Within blog design I love making headers for people, Im no expert but I was thinking, perhaps I could make some for people and in return all they would have to do is add a blog badge that I would create to their sidebar. Im not sure but something along those lines will work.

My blog header:

Saturday, 1 July 2017


June, the month of the heatwave that everyone complained about but now really misses and the month which was full of exams!

June flew past - did anyone else feel that? Im not sure if that was just because I had exams from 7th-23rd or whether time is literally whizzing nowadays. If im honest, I can't really recall what really happened in June apart from a load of stress, tears and pressure but what I can remember are my June favourites!

So buckle up with a nice hot chocolate (since yet again it is 'British summertime' in England) and carry on reading.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017


Playsuits have to be my number one summer look at the moment! I enjoy wearing them as you can just chuck them on and off quickly and there is no hassle trying to pair a top with shorts as its already a set.

I brought this playsuit for my grandad's birthday meal at the weekend and it's a perfect mix between smart and casual.

Playsuit = New Look - Cameo Rose (Currently unavailable - similar) £19.99

The material I wasn't sure about at first but it does feel really good quality despite the price. I ordered a size 10 as I normally go up a size when its a brand from New Look just because they tend to not be as lenient with the fit.

I'm not normally one for bardot clothing as they always slip up and never stay on the top of my arms which is 

Monday, 26 June 2017


I spent the first 'official' day of my Summer holiday back at college...yeah I know I went back! 

So today my friend and I went back to college to use our music studio to record her new original song which actually went really well. We recorded in all of the different tracks (I recorded in the piano chords...I know, I'm definitely going to get a record deal)  and I think it sounds really good! Pretty much everything went straightforward and it only took a couple of hours which was very surprising since our compositions for A Level took us 6 months.
I decided to bring my camera and take some